The AniMessenger March Check-In! Please Don’t Shoot Me!

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Every now and then a reviewer must put the Precious on the shelf, stop his ears to the clarion call echoing from the anime pits, and take stock.

First, thanks to all my readers, followers, and likers for reading, following, and liking! Second, know that I notice you all. Third, sarcasm is my love language–live a little, let your hair down, open your mouths to the salt pouring from the heavens.
Readers: “The AniMessenger-kun, please notice us!” The AniMessenger: “Can’t. Too busy making fun of DBZ.”

A few housekeeping items:

I will be picking up a new show for the Spring Season–the one about bodybuilders, frog-girls, and flame-boys: My Hero Academia (Season 3).

All Might: “Too. Much. Botox… Can’t. Move. Face.” Izuku: “*sigh* I’ll go get Recovery Girl.”

If anyone has any requests for Series, Movie, or OVA Reviews please leave them in the comments section and I will ignore, I mean, consider them! Don’t want to comment? Fine! See if I care!

And, please remember:

Don’t Shoot the Messenger.


All screenshots and promotional images are the property of Science SARU, Bones, Madhouse, Funimation, and me. The AniMessenger does not claim ownership. Except for the stuff I make. I claim that.


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